Col de Tende, the History on the Alps

tendesun-1Following the peaks of the Limone ski-resort, this dirt track connects France & Italy. 

Featuring beautiful views and world-war history.

Start with some lunch in the near by town of Limone Piemonte and take the 4×4 track over the Alps towards Casterino, this area still allows wild camping and breathtaking hiking.

Take care with some spares and always carry water & warm gear in Alpine country.


  • The town of Castérino is situated 1550 meters high, in the city limits of Tende, in the upper Orya Valley. Surrounded by the Sainte Marie (2740 meters), Chajol (2293 meters) and Agnelino (2201) mountains, Castérino is the main access road to the Valley of Wonders. A scenic walk will take you to the small Castérino lake, along the Casterine stream and through pleasant meadows where alpine flora is particularly abundant. In the spring, you will observe many species of orchids, (orchidea sambucina, the manina rosea…). Along the river and the lake, you can see the dipper, a small passerine bird that sports a white chest and never strays far from the water.

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